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There are plenty of storage tank providers competing for your business, so it’s important to understand why a name like Tuffa commands the kind of respect and admiration that it does. Here are a few reasons why we put out some of the best products available.


Tuffa’s Managing Director has over 25 years of experience in liquid storage. That level of familiarity with the industry has given us the skills to produce the finest storage tanks in the country, and has allowed us to remain a leading innovator in terms of design and technology. We have experience that you can count on.

British build

Our factory isn’t located overseas, but in the heart of England itself. This means that you’ll always receive a high-quality, British-made product. This fact also allows us to deliver your orders quickly, as we are positioned in the centre of the country’s excellent transportation links.


Tuffa is able to supply storage tanks with capacities of anywhere from 1,350 to 20,000 litres – the latter representing the largest roto-moulded tanks on the market. These can be easily interlinked to create a capacity of up to 100,000 litres. Our diverse range can meet any client specification, with several different designs and materials available for numerous liquid storage needs.


Our tanks all adhere to guidelines set out by the Environment Agency and are constructed in line with current European Standards. We can even supply a selection of Fire Protected units, which will keep the contents safe from fire for up to two hours. Using a trusted storage tank provider like Tuffa will protect you from the legal, financial and moral effects of shoddy workmanship.


As an industry leader, Tuffa has helped plenty of well-known companies with their storage needs. For example, we’ve assisted RyanAir by supplying them with 15 custom-built storage tanks in which to hold their de-icer reliably during freezing conditions.


Not only can we build a tank with dimensions perfectly fitted to your needs, but we’re also able to include a number of additional features. Locks and metering equipment can be added, as can protective steel shielding. You can even request remote stock control management systems, which integrate directly with your smartphone.

Contact Tuffa today for all of your storage tank needs. A member of our team will be happy to talk you through the various options and ensure that you select the right model for the job.