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If you’re looking for a storage tank, one of the first decisions that you’ll have to make is whether you want your model to be constructed from steel or plastic. Plastic tanks have grown in popularity recently, as new manufacturing technologies have enhanced their lightweight properties with many additional advantages. This has led to a misconception that a steel tank is now inherently inferior to one of its plastic counterparts.

However, steel tanks still offer a number of benefits that make them superior to plastic tanks for some purposes.

The most important advantage is probably the degree of safety and protection that steel tanks can offer. Steel is much harder to damage, whether accidentally or intentionally. This means that vandalism won’t be as serious a problem, and drilling into the model to siphon off the contents will be extremely difficult. If you’re planning to locate your tank in areas where this might occur, then a steel model might be a good option.

Steel tanks are also resilient against several natural problems. For example, steel is completely impermeable, meaning that such tanks easily meet requirements for low evaporate emissions. In addition, new processing methods have produced steel tanks that are highly resistant to both internal and external corrosion and compatible with alternative fuels. Of course, steel is also highly formable, so you can obtain a number of shapes without sacrificing durability.

However, you should remember that not all steel tanks are created equal. To make sure that you receive a quality model, you may choose one of the tanks on offer from Tuffa. Our highly skilled construction team uses only the highest quality steel to make sure that every tank we produce is of exceptional quality. Each one is given a minimum 110% bund in order to comply with UK regulations and is fully weatherproof. We can even fit additional features, such as fire protection, fuel management systems and a variety of gauges.

We can supply units made in a range of shapes and sizes that have been specifically designed to hold oil, diesel and petrol. We can even offer one-off and bespoke systems to ensure that your individual requirements are catered for. For more information about our steel tanks, contact Tuffa today.