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There’s no shortage of reasons to choose Tuffa for oil tanks. After all, the Uttoxeter company specialises in seemingly every type of oil tank, from petrol tanks, multi compartment tanks and fire protected tanks to waste oil tanks, single skin tanks and biodiesel tanks, across both plastic and steel. However, for this article, the focus is firmly on the manufacturer’s well-regarded plastic bunded oil tanks, including bunded heating oil tanks and bunded diesel tanks.

Certainly, those in need of a heating oil tank will be impressed by the sheer choice on offer in the Tuffa bunded heating oil tank range, with 1350 litre, 1400L, 2500L, 3500L and even greater capacities, right up to 15,000 litres, able to be specified. Interlinking makes a capacity as great as 150,000 litres possible. But of equal importance is Tuffa’s commitment to designing and manufacturing bunded oil tanks that have been specifically conceived with the highest standard of pollution control in mind. The firm’s bunded oil tanks are state of the art, storing fuel not only securely, but also in a manner that complies with the latest industry regulation.

A bunded oil tank is now mandatory for various commercial, agricultural, institutional and industrial properties, and such tanks made by Tuffa are proven across the sectors. Not only does the wide range of sizes help the client to specify a tank that perfectly matches their individual requirements, but there is also a strong assortment of optional extras. These include alternative colours, an electronic level gauge, 30 minutes or 60 minutes of fire protection and a tank pack consisting of a 1″ to 1/2″ adaptor, ball valve and filter.

But even just the basic design of a Tuffa bunded oil tank is sufficient for many different requirements and contexts, thanks in part to a bund that contains a minimum 110 per cent volume of the inner tank, affording the highest standard of protection against overfilling and leaking. The fuel level, meanwhile, is given by a level float gauge, with a clear inner tank serving as a secondary measure of the fuel level. The collection of rainwater and debris is avoided due to the covered bund, but the outer tank’s lockable hinged cover still ensures that equipment can be easily accessed.

Meanwhile, recyclable polythene manufacture, corrosion resistance and UV stabilisation are all staple features of the kind of well-engineered and innovative oil tanks for which Tuffa has long enjoyed such renown. With the heating oil tank range being complemented by diesel tanks incorporating such elements as a 2″ BSP fill connection, vent, float level gauge, lockable hinged flip lid and submersible pump, it isn’t difficult to see why the firm is trusted by organisations across the world that need to store and dispense oil safely.