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Age Concern in Scotland has recently been receiving a lot of calls from worried older people concerned about their oil tanks. Due to the rise in calls about this topic they have provided some useful advice that concerns everyone. Damaged oil tanks and the cost of replacing the oil inside can be expensive so here’s how to look after your tank to help ensure it remains in good condition for longer.

Autumn Maintenance Task List

  • When autumn arrives it is time to check the heating systems and look for any problems.
  • Look for the warning signs that might indicate a leak such as a strong smell of fuel either inside or outside your home. Black stains on the floor or dead plants and grass are also an indicator of a problem.
  • Metal tanks need to be painted to help avoid corrosion
  • Make checking the outside of the tank a weekly task
  • If you notice your usual usage of oil increases look for a leak immediately
  • Consider switching to a bunded tank if you don’t have one already to help capture any oil if the tank does develop a problem
  • Check your insurance policy to see if you’re covered for oil leaks


Once you have checked the condition of your tank and pipes and are happy it is in good condition place an order for oil supplies. It is cheaper to buy at this time of year and often prices increase as the colder weather takes hold.  If you notice any problems you will need to address them quickly. Oil spills take a lot of work to clean up and cause a lot of damage.  We are here to answer your questions about the cost of replacing your oil tank if necessary. Contact our friendly team by calling 01889 567700.