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Given the seemingly endless range of oils that one may need to safely and securely store – from petrol and diesel to waste oils, lubricants and biofuels – it makes sense for any leading supplier to offer an extensive range of storage solutions.

Certainly, here at Tuffa, we have thought of every type of such tank that one could require – encompassing bunded heating oil tanks, bunded diesel tanks, fire protected tanks, multi compartment tanks and so many more. Furthermore, we have brought our in-depth knowhow and experience to bear on making them suitable for the most demanding customers.

We offer both plastic and steel oil tanks. A bunded heating oil storage tank of ours, to give just one example, could combine such features as a 2″ BSP fill connection, vent, electronic level gauge, 1″ bottom outlet and overfill prevention valve with optional extras like 30 minute or 60 minute fire protection or a higher accuracy contents gauge. One can also specify an Armco protection barrier and any of a range of colours.

Similar features are available for our bunded diesel tanks that can be ordered in capacities ranging from 1,350 litres to 15,000 litres, while we also proudly stock multi compartment tanks in dual and triple capacities of 1400/2500, 2300/3700 and 3200/5600 litres. These are a great choice for agricultural, commercial and industrial applications and incorporate such features as easily accessible ground level refuelling equipment and a covered bund that prevents rainwater and debris accumulating.

That isn’t even the end of our plastic oil storage tank range here at Tuffa. There are few companies, for instance, that offer such fine rotationally moulded single skin plastic tanks for those desiring an economical means of storing home heating oil in settings where there is no need for a bunded tank. Or why not investigate our state-of-the-art tanks for the storage of biodiesel or waste oil, which are compliant with all of the relevant legislation?

Nor, of course, should one forget our steel oil storage tanks. If you need to legally and securely store petrol on your own premises, you will be pleased to learn that we stock the Caddy from The Petrol Tank Company. Then, there are the bunded steel diesel tanks that we offer, accompanied by channel runners and lifting lugs. This does not even touch on our ability to create true ground-up bespoke steel tanks, including for non-liquid applications.

Is there any other company that offers you so many options for an oil storage tank, at the same time as boasting a genuinely industry-leading reputation? Choose Tuffa when you are looking for the best of all worlds in your next oil tank.