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As one of the biggest manufacturers of tanks in the UK, we provide storage solutions across a varied spectrum of industries, including automotive. Beyond the obvious storage needs of vast tanks of fuel, anti-freeze is another liquid that is required, in enormous quantities.

A vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases you can make in life, second only to a house. Cars, vans and other vehicles need regular maintenance to keep them running, as well as fuel, which can be quite costly. For many people, merely running a car is expensive; maintenance and upkeep are something that can often be left on the back-burner until necessary.

One of these back-burning items is anti-freeze. Although only necessary in colder times of the year, your car will always need coolant to keep the engine running smoothly.

While the general public won’t need anti-freeze in vast quantities personally, many businesses and those in the public transport industry will require chemical tanks, such as those provided by Tuffa Tanks.

Why do we need anti-freeze?

There is more to anti-freeze than the name suggests. Obviously, it is a liquid chemical that prevents freezing. In fact, it lowers the freezing point and raises the boiling point, which makes it a very stabilising liquid to have in your engine. Additionally, it prevents corrosion, scale build-up and is an excellent transfer of heat that is vital for keeping engines cool and running.

Top Tips

  • Use the anti-freeze that is recommended by your car manufacturer while it is under warranty. Mixing different products can cause damage to your engine
  • When your car is out of warranty, be sure to use a suitable anti-freeze product as specified in your vehicle handbook
  • If you are unsure of the type of anti-freeze your car needs, seek help and guidance from experts
  • Anti-freeze can come pre-diluted or as a concentrate. The concentrate will need diluting with a suitable coolant to a ratio of about 1:1.

The general public might not ever come across a chemical tank storage unit. However, they will be familiar with the smaller bottles that they buy for use in their vehicles. As important as anti-freeze is for the automotive industry, it is equally important that such chemicals are stored correctly. Tuffa Tanks provides the highest quality chemical tanks for use across many industries and is a name you can trust.

For more information on your chemical tank storage needs, please contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help with your queries.