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The highly specialised nature of chemicals like de-icer, anti-freeze, AdBlue, hydrochloric acid, calcium nitrate and sodium hypochlorite also necessitates the most sensitive storage of these liquids – and when a chemical storage tank needs to be ordered for just such a purpose, it is so often the Uttoxeter-based Tuffa that is contacted first.

Many different specifications can be stipulated for a Tuffa chemical tank, which is also designed, manufactured and tested to the most exacting standards at our Staffordshire premises. Certainly, we are careful to meet all of the most basic requirements that one could have from a chemical storage tank – they are available in capacities ranging from 1,350 litres up to 15,000 litres, with even larger capacities able to be obtained via interlinking.

The bunded nature of every chemical storage tank that we sell is also greatly appreciated by many of our customers, this self-contained feature helping to ensure the continued safe storage of any chemical. The utmost durability and practicality are ensured by the moulding of our tanks in one piece, the availability of the highest quality fittings and connections helping to make a Tuffa chemical tank the truly complete storage solution.

Indeed, Tuffa realises that with every customer, comes a potentially very different set of needs from a chemical storage tank. This is why we offer the host of optional extras that we do, from access ladders and platforms to gauge systems and armco protection barriers. It also explains our tailored approach to every new enquiry that we receive, the compatibility of our products with a given chemical being examined prior to the conception and construction of the most suitable tank.

Devising the perfect chemical storage tank is not a moment’s work – there are guidelines that need to be complied with for each and every chemical, with regard to how it is to be safely handled and stored. Our close work with chemical suppliers means that you can depend on your final tank meeting their recommendations – but such seemingly bespoke treatment also does not need to come at a bespoke price, thanks to our largely standardised designs.

Nonetheless, if you do require the true bespoke chemical storage tank that has been designed around your exact needs, this can also be entirely catered-for in-house here at Tuffa. Get in touch with us now about the most cost-effective and dependable chemical tank for your own requirements.