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For UK households that aren’t part of the mains gas grid, keeping an oil storage tank could be a great alternative. Having your own domestic heating oil system comes with a number of advantages, and we’ve written a quick list of the ways in which you could benefit.

No need to rent the tank 

When you buy an oil storage tank from Tuffa, you’ll pay a single upfront price instead of having to worry about monthly rental costs. Other home heating options, such as LPG gas, typically require you to rent directly from the supplier. This is sometimes advantageous, but buying and installing your own tank makes far more sense if you’re going to be staying in your property for at least a few more years.

You can pick up low cost oil

Heating oil doesn’t stay at one set price, so you’ll have to take this into account. However, prices don’t just climb steadily, but rather fluctuate throughout the year. This means that you can take advantage of the market by purchasing your oil when the price is low. You can stockpile when it is going cheap, and then start counting your savings when the prices rise.

You can use it alongside renewable energy

Eco-friendly energy is becoming increasingly popular. However, many homeowners who would like to convert to a renewable energy system worry that it might not prove to be as reliable as traditional methods. It’s a fair concern, but one that can be solved by using those cutting-edge energy technologies in conjunction with heating oil. If, for example, solar panels don’t provide adequate energy during the winter months, you can just use your heating oil instead.

If you want to install a domestic oil tank, you’ll need one that is fully bunded, boasts fire protection and comes with a capacity below 3500L. Tuffa can provide four such tanks to choose from. Each oil storage tank from Tuffa is manufactured using state of the art machinery, and every product that we supply is noted for both its durability and reliability. For more information, feel free to contact one of our team members today.