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Here at Tuffa Tanks, many of our customers and clients are looking for long term storage solutions when it comes to bulk buying fuel, including diesel. All of our diesel tanks are suitable for these needs and are perfect for storing fuels and oils for a variety of industries.

When you are storing fuels like diesel, it is important that you look after it to ensure it remains sustainable for as long as possible. With this in mind, we have come up with some top tips for maintaining your diesel storage tanks along with the contents within.

Storage Conditions

Under normal circumstances, a tank of diesel can be stored for over 12 months when kept at a temperature of 20 C. Under the similar conditions, the same tank can be kept stable and usable for 6-12 months at 30 C. As you can see, the conditions that your tanks are kept in have a direct effect on the usefulness and viability of the fuel.

The Ageing Process

Over an extended period of time, diesel will begin to age. As the ageing process occurs, components within the diesel react with oxygen, which in turn creates both sediment and a sticky gum residue. These new elements do not burn well when the diesel is subsequently used, which can lead to both carbon and soot.

Things that accelerate the ageing process include:

  • Copper, zinc, and any metal alloys that contain these metals
  • Water, which can lead to fungi and bacteria
  • High temperatures
  • The composition of the diesel

These triggers, especially when contained within your tank can cause reactions that make the diesel unstable and less usable.

How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Diesel

  • Keep away from copper, zinc and other metal alloys
  • Proper maintenance of your diesel storage tank
  • Keep your tank free of water
  • Keep your storage tank free from condensation; not only does this affect your diesel but it can corrode your diesel tank, too
  • Empty and clean your tank fully, at least, every ten years
  • Use thoroughly refined fuel, for better stability

There are a number of additives you can also add to your diesel tank to help aid the safe storage of your fuel; from metal de-activators, fungicides, biocides, antioxidants and fuel stability foams, there are many options available.

For more information on our range of diesel tanks, please visit our website or take a look at this video to learn more about our company and what we can do for you.