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One of the ways our oil tanks are being used is by people choosing to use them for storing alternative fuels. The reasons behind opting for fuel such as ethanol vary. Some people prefer to cut back on emissions while others like the idea of helping to save the worlds resources and their own money too.

Ethanol is a popular alternative biofuel as it works well in spark-ignition engines. Thanks to the high octane number there is a natural resistance to knock.  It also works to provide a cooling effect on the engine thanks to the high heat of evapouration and that improves the cylinder filling efficiency.

As all new cars manufactured after 2010 in Europe are able to accept ethonal blends more and more people are choosing it as their fuel of choice. Ethanol is blended with gasoline at various levels.  The blends include B7 and E10, the latter of which is the one that is used in most of the modern cars within the European Union.  At the present time petrol stations are only able to offer a single blend at their station due to their own storage restrictions, which is why individuals are choosing to store their own blends using secure, fire proof oil tanks.

Tuffa Tanks provides various oil tanks that are perfect for storing fuels such as ethanol and the blends that are required to be used in vehicles including cars, buses and trucks. If you are interested in making the most of biofuels contact one of our team to talk you through your options.