Collecting a natural resource that we have in abundance here in the UK – water – for use in both domestic and commercial situations is a great way of being more environmentally friendly as well as reducing bills. Investing in rainwater harvesting tanks is a step in the right directions towards being planet friendly for the year ahead.

The size of the tank you need is largely dependent on the amount of water you are planning to collect, as well as how you intend to use it.

If you are collecting water to help with non-potable uses such as watering lawns and flowers, cleaning cars and even for WCs, then having a store of water at all times will ensure you are never caught short. However, if you are collecting water that needs to be processed and clean for human or animal consumption, then you will need a special tank for these purposes.

Small tanks, such as the conventional rain barrel can only hold a small amount of water, however, many of the tanks we provide can accommodate much larger quantities as needed.

There are a great number of benefits associated with rainwater harvesting tanks and the process of doing so, including:

  • Despite fluctuations in precipitation as the season’s change, a rainwater harvesting tank can do wonders for providing people with reliable access to water
  • Another great thing about this is that it eases the stress on groundwater, basins and rivers
  • It is also the perfect answer to water problems in areas that have inadequate resources for water provision. The time and effort that would otherwise be spent collecting water can, with a rainwater harvesting tank, be directed towards other, more productive things
  • Rainwater that is collected in tanks is also great for reducing the erosion that is caused by holding rainwater and offsite flooding during heavy rains
  • Rainwater harvesting technology has advanced exponentially over recent years allowing you to collect water from a wide range of locations, and storing in tanks means it is kept in good condition until you need it
  • Rainwater harvesting systems are neither time consuming nor labour intensive – rain will always fall, after all!

Collecting rainwater is a quick and easy way to ensure that your home or business always has access to a supply of water, as and when you need it. Regardless of whether you need potable or non potable water, we have a tank that will work based on your needs.

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