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With the winter season in full throttle, the never ending bad weather just keeps on going. An outbreak of storms in short succession hit the UK in early December and the worst hit areas have barely had a chance to recuperate before the next ones have hit them again. With the recent blizzards across the East Coast of America, thanks to Storm Jonas leaving a vast portion of the USA under several feet of snow, the very same storm looks set to hit the UK – with yet more rain and flooding.

Many people in the most remote parts of Scotland and the North of England are reliant on their own fuel supplies, through the use of oil storage tanks. With such bad weather and many homes and villages being evacuated, these storage tanks left in the flood waters and high winds can just be an accident waiting to happen.

We are all aware of the dangers an oil spill can present; not only to our homes, but to wildlife, water supplies, our surrounding environments and so much more. This has been documented time and time again in the news and media, with news of oil spills in oceans.

To ensure that your home is safe from the threat of any accidents concerning your oil storage tank, please ensure you follow our advice and tips for prevention – should you suspect there may be flooding in your area.

Prevention is Better than Cure

  • Placement of your oil storage tank is very important. Keep a good distance away from your home, any vehicles and garages
  • Purchasing a bunded oil tank is advisable to give an extra layer of protection from any spillages or accidents
  • Ensure your oil tank is on solid, stable ground, and not liable to shift too easily
  • If your tank is likely to move easily, consider anchored restraints to keep it in place. While very heavy when at full capacity, high winds can move cars, let alone quarter-full oil tanks that aren’t secure. Additionally, falling tanks that are either old or quite full could break on impact; causing a dangerous oil spill
  • If you can see any trees or fencing that look likely to break in bad weather, please ensure that you avoid the placement of your tank in that area. Any debris that can cause damage to your oil tank is a danger to you, your family and your home

Should you come across a fresh leak or an entire spillage of oil from bad weather overnight, it is important to inform your local authority of the situation as soon as feasibly possible. They may be able to offer help or provide clean-up advice, based on your specific problem.

If you require help relocating your tank, then please consult professionals here at Tuffa Tanks or use the Competent Person Scheme, should you require further assistance.