Tuffa UK is making a significant investment in a new integrated manufacturing, finance and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system.

The Sage 200 Professional software will connect our production processes with our accounting and customer database. Tuffa now makes over 2,300 tanks each year, using over 650 tonnes of plastic, 350 tonnes of steel with over 1,000 individual stock lines. On top of that, we hold over 500 spare parts and accessories in stock.

Workshop Manager Jason Shenton told us more. “As we have grown and increased output, our procurement and stock control has become more complex. We’ve already created new jobs in the factory and have added Emma to our buying team. The additional investment in the new software will further enhance our production capabilities,” he said.

The software will help us to manage stock levels making our production and buying more responsive and efficient. The system will log all sales orders before calculating the materials and parts we need to meet our production requirements.

In addition, the software will run our financial and accounting systems as well as manage all customer communications and data.

Tailor-made for Tuffa UK

As Sage 200 is effectively tailor-made to suit each individual user’s business, Sage recommends a regional Business partner. Nottingham based ‘Solutions for Accounting’ will help us set up and run the software. They will also provide our team with training and ongoing support.

Solutions for Accounting & CRM Director, Sean Graham, is delighted to be working with Tuffa UK. “Tuffa is a progressive company looking to increase efficiency, work smarter and expand further. The investment they have made in Sage 200 and Sage CRM is designed to meet their specific requirements and will help them to continue to move forward. We are excited to be supporting them on that journey,” he said.

Benefits for customers

There will be benefits to customers as a result of our greater efficiency. The system will streamline parts and procurement leading to improved stock control and reduced lead times. It will help to manage our production schedules and work flow better and be able to provide customers with instant real time information on the progress of their order and delivery.

Tuffa UK General Manager, James Shenton told us more. “We’ve enjoyed a period of growth over the last 2 years and we are re-investing that profit back into our business. The new Sage 200 software will help us to become more responsive, efficient and offer an even better service to our customers.

“Our more sophisticated stock control will help us to take the next step in terms of customer service and convenience. We are planning to enable customers to order spare parts and selected third party products from carefully chosen partners, online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are hoping that this will be useful for installers and contractors who may be tied up on site for most of the day, but may have urgent order requirements they can process out of normal office hours,” he said.