Tuffa Factory 4

The Tuffa Plastic Tank factory has had a new look for the New Year.

Our factory team really pulled together to clean and re-decorate the plastic tank factory in the last couple of days running up to the Christmas break. Everything was tidied up and stored away, so the factory floor could be cleaned and painted.

As part of our commitment to continually improving the Health & Safety of our working environment and culture, we have new walkways and designated safe areas. The steel racking that stores our plastic tank moulds is now yellow and the station where the tanks come out of their moulds is highlighted in red floor paint. The rest of the factory floor has a new grey covering.

Here are some pictures of the job progressing.

Tuffa Factory 1 Tuffa Factory 2 Tuffa factory 3 Tuffa Factory 4 Tuffa Factory 5

General Manager James Shenton was delighted with the new look. “Not only has it made the factory a lot cleaner and brighter, we’ve also focused on the safety and welfare of staff and visitors alike.  A big thank you and well done to the whole team who worked so hard over those last couple of days of December,” he said.