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Businesses have been advised to ensure their oil tanks are well maintained and protected in order to prevent the risk of spills and pollution.  The news comes as police are currently investigating the source of a leak that has polluted an eight mile stretch of the River Aire.

The Environment Agency  are working closely with the West Yorkshire police and initially asked for all businesses to check if their pipes and tanks were broken as they suspected a leak was the cause.  However, now they feel that thieves may have caused the accident while trying to steal thousands of pounds of diesel, approximately 5000 litres from the Millshaw Park Industrial estate on August 18.  The team leader from the Environment Agency, Mark West, said that this situation has highlighted the need for businesses to safeguard their fuel tanks according to the oil storage regulations.

The clean-up of the River Aire took place on August 20 and August 21 with absorbent booms being placed in the water in a bid to soak the oil up.  All people walking their dogs close to the river have been advised to ensure their pets don’t drink the water just to be on the safe side.  As yet there have been no reports of wildlife being affected.  The oil will have been moved along the river quickly due to the current and dispersed widely to Humber, reducing the possible risks to the environment.

When purchasing oil tanks, be sure to buy the appropriate size and tanks that have safeguards.  Safeguards too look out for include locks, lockable flip lids and lockable cabinets.  It’s also important to check pipes for leaks and to use an overfill alarm to avoid spills. For more information about appropriate tanks for storage call 01889 567700.