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Thieves target oil tanks used for storing valuable fuel and diesel.  The high cost of fuel has seen thieves try to steal oil in order to sell on to others or even to use in their own homes or vehicles because they find it difficult to afford. There has been a few newspaper reports recently highlighting the problem and now community organisations such as Community Lincs are now providing advice on how to protect your oil tanks so that thieves cannot get away with your own supplies.

Three Tips for Preventing Thieves Getting Away with Your Fuel

  1. Use an electronic level gauge to keep an eye on the amount of oil or fuel you have in your tank at all times. You will then be alerted if the figures don’t add up.
  2. Keep your oil tanks close to your house or work premises so you can see any movement around the tanks with ease. This is also to act as a deterrent as thieves will prefer more remote tanks to ensure they are not spotted.
  3. Make sure you invest in good quality locks so that the thieves cannot gain access to the contents.  There are oil tanks that come with lockable cabinets and flipped lids that can be locked.

A 1,000 litre tank can be drained within minutes and a tank that’s not properly protect will make an easy target for thieves looking to make some quick money. By following the steps above and reporting any robberies or suspicious behaviour will help to secure your supplies.

There is no need to let the fear of thieves take away the advantages of storing fuel on your property. If you would like to invest in a robust and secure oil tank call us on 01889 567700.