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If any demonstration was ever needed of the extent of Tuffa’s technical expertise, it can surely be seen in the Uttoxeter company’s extremely in-depth selection of oil tanks. The firm designs, develops and manufactures both plastic and steel oil tanks that are suitable for fuels, petrol, diesels, biofuels, waste oils, lubricants and more.

The firm’s bunded heating oil tanks range, for example, covers capacities as low as 1,350 litres and as high as 15,000 litres, with interlinking making as many as 100,000 litres possible. Even the most basic heating oil tanks that Tuffa offers boast such specifications as a bund containing a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank, a 2″ BSP Fill connection with cap and chain, a lockable hinged flip lid and a 1″ bottom outlet.

Those seeking bunded diesel tanks, meanwhile, are well-served by features like a submersible pump, digital flowmeter and nozzle holster, optional extras also including – but not limited to – 30 minute and 60 minute fire protection, a 12V/24V external pump, electronic level gauge and key switch for enabling and disabling the pump.

Elsewhere in the current Tuffa oil tanks range, there are formidable multi-compartment tanks that are already complete and ready to use, simply requiring a hard standing flat concrete base and a final electrical connection. Similarly well-regarded are fire protected tanks featuring FireStop, this being the only system available that fits integrally onto Tuffa’s plastic tanks. On the company’s steel tanks, it can even be factory fitted.

Waste oil tanks are another Tuffa specialty, being designed and manufactured in accordance with all appropriate current oil industry legislation. It is essential to safely and securely store waste oils and lubricants. These tanks fulfil that aim with their features including a clear inner tank that provides a visual measure of the liquid level, as well as a vent, lockable hinged flip lid and a tundish and filter – sited at a suitable height for pouring waste into.

However, single skin plastic tanks also remain suitable for certain applications, being offered in a generous range of capacities and colours by Tuffa. Then, there are the bunded biodiesel tanks that can be specified with such optional extras as an Armco protection barrier, higher accuracy contents gauge, hose reel and higher output pump.

All of those are simply Tuffa’s available plastic oil tanks, with the likes of diesel tanks, multi compartment tanks, fire protected tanks and petrol tanks also able to be manufactured by the company in steel, offering customers the ultimate in bespoke flexibility. Choose from various colours, capacities and thicknesses for a Tuffa steel tank that has been designed and manufactured to the highest specifications – as is simply the hallmark of this continually acclaimed company.