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Autumn has hit the country hard with unrelenting force over the past 24 hours, and there is still more bad weather to come. Winds thrashed the north of England and Scotland at speeds up to 60mph and many areas in the UK could see up to 80mm of rain by the end of Monday night.

Flood Warnings in Place across England, Wales and Scotland

The Met Office have announced 23 flood warnings and a further 118 alerts across England and Wales. Scotland has nine flood alerts so it is a tentative time for many who are watching an average months’ worth of rain battering down from the skies. So far there has been a significant amount of disruption reported including train cancellations, school closures and the village of Chew Magna being cut off due to flooding.

Start Harvesting Rainwater Now

With all of this bad weather it can be easy to forget the positives and grow concerned about the possibilities of flooding. If you collect rainwater using a rainwater harvesting tank then you will at least be making the most of the rainfall and increasing your stores for the drier weather or to use in case of a flood (collected water can provide water for times when the water supply has become contaminated or turned off during flooding). You can use the water from your tanks for a number of household jobs too, and if you have the right type of tank and treat the water correctly it can be used for cooking.

If you are trying to see the positive side of the rain why not invest in a suitable storage container and start collecting all that rainfall to help save you money and do your part for the environment.  We are ready to provide advice and discuss the large variety of water tanks we have available. Simply give us a call on:  01889 567700.