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Homeowners Can Make a Difference

Cooking oil costs water companies around £15 million per year.  Many households dispose of used cooking oil down their sinks causing blockages that have to be repaired. The blockages may happen in the home, directly costing you money to repair or deeper in the system.  Other households dispose of the oil in their bins to be collected and sent to the dump. While this avoids problems with the pipes it still can cause serious issues when it leaks into local watercourses harming wildlife as a result. One of the best ways to avoid these problems is by recycling using waste oil tanks.

Using the waste oil tank allows you with a simple step allowing you to get rid of the oil you no longer need. One the tank is full it can be collected and used to create bioliquid and used as a renewable energy source. One large full tank of the bioliquid could be used to power a home for an entire year, avoiding costly repairs and helping to reduce the harm caused to the environment.

Improve Your Company’s Waste Management

Many businesses can also benefit from using waste oil tanks including haulage companies, garages and bus depots. Once collected the oil will be cleaned and recycled over and over again. Recycling oil can be combined with the environmental management of the company, helping you to hit targets and become a greener business.   There are various sizes available. A smaller tank is useful if you don’t have a large amount of waste; bigger tanks are ideal for companies that do create larger quantities of waste oil as this limits the number of times the disposal company needs to be called out.

If you would like to begin recycling your oil in a bid to help the environment or hit your waste management targets contact us for more information. Call our Tuffa Tank team on 01889 567 700.