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The debate between traditional fuels and their alternatives has been constant and long running and still continues today as the EU aim to meet their targets on lowering emissions by 2020. Many people are determined to find a new source of fuel as pollution fears and concerns increase, sources become depleted and the costs continue to rise making it hard to afford to fill up the tank. Whatever you reason for considering alternative bio-fuels it is worth looking at their serious advantages.

 Advantages of Ethanol

  • Increases compression ration and advancing spark optimising the engine
  • High vaporisation heat giving an effective cooling effect
  • Improves cylinder filling efficiency with the lower energy content
  • Contains oxygen and this fuel-air mix decreasing harmful emissions
  • E5 ethanol gasoline lens can be used in spark-ignition engines without any changes being made
  • New cars being manufactured after 2010 are compatible with B7 and E10

Advantages of Biodiesels

  • Renewable fuel made from Vegetable oils, fats or waste oils used in cooking
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Renewable alternative to petroleum based diesel

Blending ethanol and biofuels is one way of reducing the emissions from vehicles and can reduce the cost.  The EU regulation states that only 7-10% of bio components are used in fuels that are sold. If you have any storage requirements for bio-fuels our biodiesel tanks provide protection from fire and contaminates. To find a suitable tank for your requirements please contact our team by calling: 01889 567700.