AdBlue® is a solution of high-purity urea (32.5%) and deionized water (67.5%). In a process called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) AdBlue® is injected into the exhaust of diesel vehicles and reduces the level of nitrous oxide released into the atmosphere.

Significant increases in natural gas prices have helped push the cost of AdBlue to record highs. The additive’s cost began to increase in January last year in parallel with wholesale gas prices rises. European countries emerging from Covid lockdowns compounded the issue and the subsequent demand soon led to production sites in Europe closing down which has only increased the costs of urea.

Speaking exclusively to Transport Operator, a “senior AdBlue industry figure” elaborates on the issue “With so many urea production sites in Europe closing for either annual maintenance or because of gas prices being so high, they cannot produce the ammonia needed for AdBlue at a cost-effective price. So, commercially, it is better to close the plant.” The industry figure continues to suggest that the cost of AdBlue will continue to rise into 2022.

Urea FOB Baltic Price

Slovakia’s Dulo, one of Europe’s largest AdBlue producers, announced the suspension of production triggering panic buying in the country’s capital. Australia too faces supply issues after China (where 80% of Australia’s urea is imported from) banned the export of urea. While the UK’s supply issues haven’t been as heavily affected, the high cost of AdBlue is causing issues within the Transport Sector and AdBlue producer Yara has been forced to add a “temporary surcharge” on their AdBlue to help cover production costs.

Companies running a fleet of vehicles and reliant on large quantities of AdBlue are at a distinct advantage when upgrading from an IBC or drums to an AdBlue storage and dispensing tank. Our AdBlue tanks offer the convenience of forecourt-style dispensing while giving you the capacity to store larger quantities of AdBlue. This also entitles you to lower rates on your diesel exhaust fluid by bulk buying. At the time of writing typical costs from bulk-buying several thousand litres of AdBlue is around 40p per litre. Comparatively, AdBlue in an on-loan IBC is 50p per litre or 65p per litre for a 220L AdBlue drum.


All of Tuffa’s AdBlue tanks are manufactured to AUS32/DEF guidelines and are bunded in accordance with Environmental Agency guidelines to protect both the environment and your tank’s contents. Our rotomoulding process uses UV stabilised and corrosion-resistant polyethylene which creates a strong and durable tank. When registered, the tanks carry a 10 year guarantee, with a 1 year guarantee on ancillary equipment. The dispensing system is designed to be easily maintained and installation is simple requiring a concrete base and electrical connection.

Our small 1,350 litre and 2,500 litre AdBlue tank feature a lockable flip lid housing ancillary equipment including a nozzle with integrated digital flowmeter, 6m hose, external pump, inline strainer and manual float level gauge. Optional extras include 12/24V pump options (perfect for sites without mains electricity) and a pulsed outlet flowmeter (to allow connection with a separate fuel management system.


Our large 3,500 litre to 15,000 litre AdBlue tank is fitted with a lockable cabinet that houses the contents gauge and tank alarm, digital flowmeter, automatic shut off nozzle, 6m of delivery hose, and control panel with key switch as standard. This model features a submersible pump, inline strainer and optional extras include a pulsed outlet flowmeter, hose reel with 8m hose and a fuel management system.

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