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When you are on the lookout for oil tanks for all manner of possible settings, Tuffa can cater for you. Alongside our plastic storage tanks, our steel liquid storage systems are among the most acclaimed that the market has to offer and we can even build bespoke systems to cater for your most specialised needs and requirements. Our fabricator welders have the experience and expertise to build you a tank that you’ll be able to rely on for years to come, and all of our products meet the relevant standards.

Consider the Tuffa 1100SB, for instance. This popular tank features a 2″ BSP fill point with a cap and chain, is manufactured from top-quality steel, features premium ancillary equipment and has a serviceable life of over 30 years, provided that it is subject to the right maintenance. This weatherproof tank is one of our biggest sellers and can also be ordered with optional extras such as a small fill cabinet, special fire protection features, battery bund alarm and electronic level gauge.

We proud to offer exceptional variety when it comes to thicknesses, capacities and colours, ensuring that we can easily cater for a wealth of customer needs. Whatever your preferences regarding your oil tank’s critical dimensions, security and safety may be, we can help. Why not talk to us today if you are interested in acquiring the best oil tanks for the job?

We can provide facilities for the secure storage of liquid of all kinds, while paying full respect to the environment. Our tailor-made solutions have helped our clients to overcome the toughest challenges, and various fire rated options are available. Bunding is on offer and we can even provide safe tanks that meet all Building Regulations. We also stock stainless steel tanks and combined plastic and steel tanks to defeat vandalism, and you can even monitor your tanks remotely via an iPhone app.

Take a look around the Tuffa website now to discover a huge selection of storage products for oil and other liquids. Our sustainable tanks have been used by companies and organisations from various sectors including oil companies, hospitals, universities and agricultural firms. Whatever you’re looking for in oil tanks, we’re here to set the standard.