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There is no more essential commodity for a human being than water, so it should be no surprise that many people increasingly seek to save precious water resources and money with a suitable rainwater tank. Tuffa certainly has as strong a reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of such tanks, called “Big Butts”, and is proud to offer not only domestic systems, but also garden/irrigation systems, bespoke commercial systems and above ground systems, as part of its usual professional and personable service.

Opting for a domestic system means choosing between direct and indirect solutions, with a potable upgrade also being available where appropriate. Garden/irrigation systems, meanwhile, come in both above ground and underground varieties, with above ground rainwater harvesting systems being ideal for those that lack the space to dig a hole. This latter type of rainwater tank can take the form of a small plastic tank of 1350 litres up to 20000 litres, but massive steel tanks can also be specified for agricultural purposes.

Buyers of these above ground kits can ensure the collection, filtering, storage and pumping of their rainwater to a desired location, and indeed, the wider “Big Butts” range encompasses a vast range of both standard and optional specifications and components. Even those investing in Tuffa’s entry-level 1350 litre tank, for example, benefit from a well-made single skin MDPE tank, incorporating a 240V water butt pump with Gardena/Hoselock type male snap connector. This feature is compatible with most standard garden fittings, such as hose pipes.

Other features of even the most basic rainwater tank offered by Tuffa include a rainwater diverter, an inspection lid for the gauging of visual contents and a bottom outlet with valve. Although the standard colour is black, customers are free to specify green or stone effect options instead, while there are also other filter options. This basic tank is tough, durable and weatherproof, and with optional extras including a rainwater collector with leaf separator and alternative pumping systems, it will fulfil many of the requirements that domestic, commercial, agricultural, industrial, horticultural or irrigation users will ever have of such a tank.

For those with more demanding requirements, however, there are always options further up the capacity range. Those investing in the 20000VW Non-Potable tank, for instance, receive a similarly well-made tank – corrosion resistant, UV stabilised and made from recyclable polyethylene – incorporating a vent and manway access. Customers can enhance this tank still further with such extras as a 1″ or 2″ bottom outlet, larger outlet(s), extra connections for inlets/outlets, a filter kit, ball valve or float valve. That is before one considers the galvanised steel tanks in which Tuffa also specialises, and that offer even greater toughness, a longer life and minimal maintenance.

Such options and specifications only make a rainwater tank from Tuffa an even more suitable investment for those wishing to capitalise on the increasing trend for rainwater harvesting at home or work.