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The amount of rain that has fallen in the UK over the bank holiday weekend may not surprise many. Despite the fact that we are all used to the washout it still comes as a disappointment as we find ourselves stuck indoors on our treasured Monday’s off.  The rain has caused many disruptions over the past few days with Sunderland’s game against Reading being called off, Creamfields in Liverpool being cancelled not to mention all those family barbeques and trips to the beach being put on hiatus. However, it is not all bad news.

If you are one of the many homes in the UK that have begun to harvest rain, you’ll be very glad to see your water storage tanks filling up. With weather warnings in place for today’s bank holiday (August 27), localised flooding possible and over an inch of rain expected over the hills the water tanks around the UK are going to full of water that can be used in various ways such as:

  • Watering the lawnand plants
  • Boiled and used as an emergency water source during floods
  • As a reserve for dry seasons and hosepipe bans
  • For household uses such as flushing toilets

Harvesting rainwater is a fantastic way of making use of what nature provides and preparing for not so rainy days. You can cut back on the need to use water provided by your supplier, reducing bills and helping to do your bit for the environment. If you haven’t started taking advantage of the wet weather we have been experiencing in the UK perhaps it’s a good time to start. Find out more about the right types of water tanks for your requirements by calling 01889 567700.