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As the recent heavy pollution has brought into focus, the UK has failed to meet its air quality targets, and the main cause of this is diesel fumes. Indeed, before the spike in bad air quality, the EU had announced millions of pounds in fines for the UK, forcing the government to take the issue seriously.

While sand from the Sahara was a contributory factor, the main source of air pollution was diesel fumes, the impact of which can be reduced with the addition of AdBlue. Given those aforementioned fines, the government is likely to introduce stricter measures to keep emissions down, and so it is probable that if you don’t already have one, you will need an AdBlue storage tank in the coming years. Of course, it is already European law that certain lorries and large vehicles need to use the additive, which means any business expansion could require more AdBlue as well.

Our entry level model, the Tuffa 1350 SLBFS AdBlue, is bunded, which reduces the likelihood of spills. In addition, the bunding will prevent rain and site contaminants from getting into your AdBlue solution. With a lock, you can securely store operating apparatus, and the unit comes in either a wide or tall version, which allows you to fit it into whichever space you have available.

Of course, AdBlue shouldn’t be kept below -10 degrees Celsius, or rise above 30 degrees. While these temperatures are rare in the UK, our very changeable weather can still occasionally veer into extremes. One year might have an unusually cold winter, while another might have a bizarrely blistering summer. For that reason, you can have heating and cooling systems added to the AdBlue tank.

Furthermore, a remote monitoring system allows you to check the level of AdBlue in the tank. This is ideal for when you get a sales call in your office, and you’re not sure if you need more AdBlue that month. Just one look can solve the matter. You can also customise an AdBlue tank to have an extra length of hose. It makes sense to have this modification if you operate from a small yard, where manoeuvring vehicles is difficult. Another feature that can be added is an automatic cut off, which kills the pump as soon as the nozzle is set back in its retainer.