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Waste storage solutions are often needed in locations where mains draining is not available. This is why so many companies require the use of our specially designed septic units. These simple to use effluent tanks have been designed to fit easily underneath cabins of varying sizes and dimensions, providing an effective temporary waste storage system.

As these tanks will often need to be moved to accommodate different jobs and purposes, Tuffa has made sure that they are lightweight and easily transportable. Each tank is constructed from plastic instead of metal, providing a noticeable reduction in weight without sacrificing durability – especially considering the strong, robust design. This means that they will be easy to move around sites and much more practical to empty. However, an outstanding maximum capacity of 2,500 litres means that you won’t need to empty it too often.

Aside from its feather-light weight, plastic provides a number of other benefits. For example, it’s actually a safer material than steel because it doesn’t corrode, and is far more hygienic. Plastic construction also means that these tanks are highly cost-effective.

Each tank comes with two large sealed inspection lids to prevent any costly spillages or unpleasant odours and for further protection against overflowing, a telemetry upgrade is available to help ensure that waste levels can be monitored at all times. To make sure that transportation and emptying won’t be too troublesome, Tuffa effluent tanks are fitted with highly secure and convenient lifting eyes.

There are also two four-inch inspection lids and two four-inch insertion points for connection to toilet units. These tanks are actually able to be quickly and simply linked up to others – if you find yourself in need of one larger tank instead of several smaller ones, all that you need to do is make the connections.

Our effluent tanks can be positioned under toilet blocks, canteens, welfare facilities or kitchens to provide temporary waste storage. When not in use, they can be stored end-on-end to cut down on storage space requirements.

To order one or more of our lightweight, durable and practical septic tanks – or for any other information about our range of products – contact the team at Tuffa today.