At Tuffa Tanks we pride ourselves on only using premium components in the construction of our tanks. As such we have recently switched to supplying the Ultra Compact fuel tank isolation valve with all our bottom outlet fuel storage tanks, including our best-selling Fire Protected Oil Tank range. We know the Ultra Compact valve has a proven track record with installers, and its compatibility with HVO and biofuels means we can future-proof our tanks for our customers.

While the quality of the materials used is first-rate, it’s the perceptive design of the valve which sets it apart from conventional forms of tank outlet kits. The Ultra Compact Valve providing safe isolation as the very first component, therefore potentially saving the engineer several hours on jobs such as replacing the filter valve which would otherwise require draining and refilling the tank.

Tuffa UK’s General Manager James Shenton highlights this key feature as the main reason behind the move to an Ultra Compact Valve “Moving to the Ultra compact tank pack solution was an easy decision to take, it has been designed with the tank installer in mind and they are the main focus for us as a business.” Overall, we believe upgrading to Ultra Compact Isolation Valves will make a valuable addition to our entire range of bottom outlet fuel storage tanks.

Read on to discover product specifications, sundries, and suitable fuels:

Ultra Compact fuel tank valve

Construction – nickel plated brass with internal seals of Viton rubber, stainless steel ball and PTFE seat. Operating head is of brass material, finished in red, retrained using an A4 marine grade stainless steel screw. The valve can be operated using anything from a 15mm A/F spanner through to a pair of grips or adjustable wrench. 

Connections – 1” BSP male taper inlet x 1/2” BSP male parallel outlet with internal chamfer. 

Fitting to the tank – we recommend the use of a 36mm socket attached to a 600mm breaker bar, as would be employed by a professional / regular fuel tank fitter.


White PTFE tape 12m x 12mm, Heldite jointing compound 7ml, brass tube liner suitable for 10mm O/D soft copper. 

Suitable fuels

All current liquid fossil fuels plus biofuels to B35 specification and HVO (Hydrotreated vegetable Oil).