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If you’re looking to buy a Chemical Storage Tank from the UK you need to be extremely careful when it comes to the type of storage you look to purchase; chemicals tend to be more dangerous if not stored correctly.

Tuffa Tanks have abundant experience in providing quality storage tank solutions. The Tuffa Chemical Tank range is available in a variety of sizes from 1350 – 15000 litres in any single unit, and are manufactured from a medium density Polyethylene material. Tanks can also be manufactured from a Stainless Steel material, where a Polyethylene tank would not be suitable.

Upon receipt of every Chemical Tank enquiry and prior to the quotation stage, all enquiries are subject to a rigorous in-house procedure to ensure correct compatibility and suitability of the product and materials. It is important to remember that one tank suitable for a particular chemical is not necessarily suitable to store a different chemical or the same chemical at a different concentration – it is imperative to ensure the tank manufacturer are given the correct details at the time of the quotation, and the chemical being stored corresponds to this information given.

Chemical examples: Tuffa have previously manufactured tanks to store a variety of chemicals including AdBlue, De-Icer Fluid, Antifreeze, Sodium Hypochloride, Hypochloric Acid and more.

Are you ready to enquire about a Chemical Storage Tank, or ready to place an order? Then call or email our friendly and helpful sales team – Tuffa are a well established UK leading manufacturer who can offer you the solution you need. Or should you need to discuss your exact specification with us then our Technical Sales Team will be happy to assist.

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