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Flood warnings in the UK seem to have become a frequent event, with the last ones occurring at the start of July 2012.  When floods hit it is important to be prepared, and be aware of what you can and cannot do with the water supply.  In some floods the mains water supply can become contaminated and declared unsafe to use.  If that happens your supplier will place a bowser of water nearby which you will need to visit and collect water from. This water will still be in limited supply and will need boiling before using. If you live in an area with frequent flooding and warnings, it’s a great idea to think ahead. Water tanks are ideal to have in place during times of flooding, especially ones that cannot become contaminated easily and are weatherproof.

When using water from bowsers or from your own water tank you must still be careful according to the Health Protection Agency, but it means that you will still be able to do basic tasks such as:

  1. Wash your hands, food and items contaminated with floodwater.
  2. Boil the water to use it for food preparation, cooking and drinking.
  3. Flush the toilet – If there is no mains supply, or your supplier has placed restrictions to your supply, flushing the toilet is not always possible. With a water tank or a water butt you will have access to water for this purpose.  You can also flush the toilet with used water you save from washing, cooking and bathing.
  4. When water supplies are unsafe for drinking it is not advisable to use the water for bathing young children and infants. If you have access to a water tank you can boil the water and allow it to cool down to the right temperature and use this for bathing in.

If you would like to order a water tank for your own use, you can find many models ideal for use during floods. Use water butts to collect rainwater over time, ready to use for jobs such as flushing the toilet and consider using a Potable tank for an alternative water source. Find out more about these solutions by calling our water tank advisors on 01889 567700.