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Lamma 2018

As part of our focus on LAMMA 2018 at The East of England Show Ground in Peterborough on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th January, Tuffa has taken a look at the updates introduced earlier this month for the Government’s Oil Storage Regulations for Business. We’ve also investigated regulations and grants available for Welsh farmers. Tuffa Tanks can help the farming and agricultural sector meet all liquid storage legal requirements.

The Welsh Assembly introduced a number of legal changes to outlaw inadequate or outdated liquid storage. The first stage of the new regulations will come into force by March 15th of this year. The regulations require that:

“Anyone in Wales who stores more than 200 litres of oil, is to provide more secure containment facilities for tanks, drums, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and mobile browsers. This is to prevent oil from escaping into the environment.”

These storage regulations apply to Diesel, Kerosene (Heating Oil) and Waste Oil.

In addition, across the UK, Government Guidelines for Secondary Containment for new and existing oil storage state:

“Fixed tanks must be bunded. Other containers can be bunded or use drip trays.

Secondary containment does not include:

  • ‘double-skinned’ or ‘twin-walled tanks’, where the tank is surrounded by a second outer skin for extra strength
  • oil separators

If you use a bund, it must hold 110% of the capacity of the container. If you do not have a bund, check your secondary containment has the required capacity, depending on what kind of container it’s holding.”

Grants available for Welsh Farmers

The good news is that there are Farming Business Grants (FBGs) available now to Farmers in Wales. They can help with the cost of meeting the legal obligations on liquid storage and secondary containment.

The Welsh Government has made £40 million of funding available for farms in Wales over 4 years. The minimum grant available is £3,000, with the maximum £12,000. Welsh farmers will only be allowed one approved application per business throughout the lifetime of the scheme. If you are successful, your approved FBG can provide a 40% contribution towards capital investments in equipment or machinery that has been identified as offering a clear and quantifiable benefit to farms. Administration of the FBG will be transferring to Rural Payments Wales (RPW) for the current round of applications from January 29th – 2nd March 2018.

In addition, you must have attended a Farming Connect “Farming for the Future” event to ensure you are eligible to make an application.

Keep your liquid storage compliant with Tuffa UK


Tuffa UK supplies a range of liquid storage solutions including Oil, Diesel, Chemical and Waste Water Tanks. Tuffa can help you comply with all liquid storage and secondary containment legal requirements.

We supply bunded Oil, Diesel and Chemical tanks as single or multi-compartment tanks in either plastic or steel. Plastic tanks range from 1350 to 20,000 litres. You can increase capacity by interlinking tanks. Tuffa manufacture steel tanks in any capacity up to 200,000 litres.  Our team can design and produce a Tuffa Tank as a bespoke product to your exact specification. We also offer a full delivery and installation service where required.

In addition, there is a complete range of spares and accessories and a choice of servicing packages.

We can provide farmers and the agricultural sector with competitive, secure liquid storage and help with compliance on all current legal requirements.

Please call our sales support team on 01889 567700 or contact us here to find out more.