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Is your organisation one that would benefit from a reliable, efficient and cost-effective means of chemical storage? Perhaps yours is a local authority needing to store de-icer for the maintenance of public roads, or a company that supplies white minerals and chemicals across the country and the world? These are just some of the chemicals that may be stored in a robust chemical storage tank from Tuffa ( – as solutions can also be designed by us for the storage of anti-freeze, AdBlue, calcium nitrate, hydrochloric acid or sodium hypochloride.

In keeping with Tuffa’s lofty reputation for the development and manufacture of all manner of storage tanks, its chemical tanks are designed around a wide range of required specifications and chemical compatibilities – with the latter for a given tank dependent on the concentration of the chemical. That means that for every enquiry we receive, we pay close attention to ensuring compatibility. Various Tuffa fittings and accessories help to ensure the exact match of the resultant tank to the specifications requested by the customer.

Whether you require a chemical tank for the storage of airport de-icer, pesticides and biocidal products like insecticides, fungicides and herbicides or a completely different chemical, Tuffa will factor in all of your most specialised requirements for the desired application in its in-house design, manufacture and testing of the resultant tank at its Uttoxeter, Staffordshire premises. We minimise manufacturing costs with our standardisation of designs that use materials in the most economical manner, and also work closely with chemical suppliers to ensure that our tanks are well-matched to their guidelines concerning how their products are to be safely stored and handled.

We give our customers the broadest possible choice when they are shopping for chemical tanks, for both above and below ground installations. For example, although black is the standard colour of Tuffa’s chemical tanks, subject to qualities, other colours can be chosen – potentially very useful in making the chemical that is being stored instantly identifiable. A wide range of capacities can also be specified for a single unit, from the 1350 litres made possible by the 1350SLB, through to 1400L, 2500L and 3500L variants – right up in increments to a range-topping 15000VB model offering a capacity of 15000 litres. Larger capacities can even be obtained via interlinking.

Our awareness of the importance of storing chemicals in an area capable of containing spills has also led us to design integral bunds into our chemical tanks, ensuring the even safer storage of a wide range of chemicals as part of the most dependable self contain solution. Many optional extras can also be specified for Tuffa chemical storage tanks, from access ladders and platforms to gauge systems and armco protection barriers . Such options only further help to make the burgeoning Tuffa ( the first port of call for a wide range of organisations requiring a chemical storage tank of the highest standard of design, manufacture and suitability for their particular application.