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Tuffa supplies a wide range of tanks for a variety of chemical storage solutions. We want each customer to be provided with the perfect tank to meet their needs, so we ensure that each one of our products is reliable, durable and capable of safely storing your chosen chemical.

Regardless of the substance that they’re called upon to house, each tank in our range is of exceptionally high quality. These tanks are UK-made, with each one designed, manufactured and tested at our facilities in Uttoxeter. They are moulded in one piece to ensure longevity, with each one also being fully bunded, so you’re provided with a self-contained chemical storage solution. If any fittings and connections are required, you can rest assured that these will also be made using high quality parts and materials.

Some clients use our chemical tanks for pesticides and biocidal products, but our range is also suitable for storing such chemicals as de-icer, anti-freeze, sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid plus many others. These substances need to be properly contained, so most suppliers provide thorough guidelines for their safe storage and handling. Tuffa works with those companies to make sure that our systems meet all recommendations. Additionally, our team examines the compatibility of each chemical with our tanks for every enquiry that we receive.

The tanks themselves come in a range of shapes and sizes. We offer storage capacities from 1350 to 15,000 litres, and tanks can be made in any colour that you choose to ensure that the chemical inside can be easily identified by all users. Tuffa also offers several optional extras, including access ladders, gauge systems and Armco protection barriers, so that your product is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Finally, our team can assist you in the proper placement of your chemical tank, ensuring that you locate it as far as possible from drains and watercourses, as well as any other potential situational risks. For added security, we can even fit your tank with a leak detection device.

To find a chemical storage tank that is guaranteed to be not only safe, but also perfect for the job in question, please contact Tuffa today.