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For commercial, agricultural or industrial reasons, you may require a safe and reliable means of storing diesel – in which case, it’s hard to see past the extensive bunded diesel tank selection of Tuffa (, in both plastic and steel. For those who are unaware, a bund offers an extra level of reliability and safety over a single skin tank, serving as a ‘tank within a tank’ that contains any diesel leakage or spillage in the event of damage or a split occurring to the inner layer.

Such a secondary containment system protects the environment and saves you the money that you would have had to spend cleaning up and replacing the spilt diesel. However, the functionalities of such diesel tanks can extend far beyond this feature. Our own plastic bunded diesel tanks can be specified in various capacities, including 1350L, 1400L, 2500L, 3500L, 6000L, 10000L and even 15000 litres, with all of them simply requiring a hard standing flat concrete base and a final electrical connection for you to be able to use them. With any plastic diesel storage tank that you purchase from us, you’ll benefit from the pump, flowmeter and delivery hose that make up a submersible pumping unit.

Also incorporated into a plastic diesel storage tank from us is an automatic shut off nozzle, filtration and gauge, with those choosing the larger capacity models able to benefit from bund and overfill devices, as well as a lockable security cabinet for any equipment that it seems pertinent to store there. But even those merely choosing the Tuffa 1350SLBFS in which to store their diesel can make use of a fully bunded MDPE tank with a brim full capacity of 1350 litres, and a specification sheet incorporating a 2″ BSP fill connection with cap and chain, vent, float level gauge, lockable hinged flip lid, submersible pump and other features befitting a higher-specification tank.

Purchasers of such solutions, even at the lower end of Tuffa’s plastic tanks range, can choose between horizontal or vertical models, in addition to taking advantage of refuelling equipment that can be easily accessed from ground level. The tanks are also distinguished by their manufacture from recyclable polyethylene, UV stabilisation and corrosion resistance. The bund, meanwhile, contains a minimum of 110 per cent of the inner tank’s volume. Even optional extras include 30 minute or 60 minute fire protection, a 12V/24V external pump, key switch for enabling and disabling the pump and more.

Those with more exacting requirements can always enquire about a bunded steel diesel tank, in any of a range of capacities, thicknesses and colours. Customers can request the manufacture of a steel tank to critical dimensions, and indeed, we routinely cater for one-off and bespoke requirements. For bunded diesel tanks characterised by state of the art manufacture, superb attention to detail and the secure and regulation compliant storage of your diesel, don’t look to any other company than Tuffa (