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Previous news pieces here at Tuffa have centred on what AdBlue is – an additive designed to reduce the emissions that diesel engines produce – but as a prospective customer of a bulk AdBlue tank from what remains one of the country’s leading suppliers of liquid storage and dispensing equipment, you might not be so familiar with the sheer range of such tanks that we stock.

Here at Tuffa, we don’t merely take pride in our more than a quarter century of experience in the liquid storage field, or even our advanced design and manufacturing process or responsive customer service. That’s because we are also delighted to be able to offer such a broad selection of above ground AdBlue tanks to match the most specialised requirements.

AdBlue’s chemical characteristics necessitate the use of a storage tank of the most impressive specifications and compliance with guidelines, even at the entry-level end of the range. That is why our fully bunded Tuffa 1350 SLBFS AdBlue tank, with its brim full capacity of 1,350 litres, offers such features as standard as a 2″ TODO type fill connection, vent, lockable hinged flip lid and visual float level gauge.

Such available optional extras as an auto operation nozzle holster, pulsed output flowmeter, liquid monitoring remote management facilities and heating and cooling system only further maximise the usefulness of the 1350 SLBFS as a bulk AdBlue tank. At the top end of the present Tuffa range, a 15000 VBFS AdBlue tank is available offering broadly the same functionality, albeit with an FMS unit and lockable cabinet that are not offered on the 1350.

Whichever bulk AdBlue tank you choose from the current Tuffa range, you will benefit from the highest standard of manufacture from recyclable polyethylene, an impressive level of UV stabilisation and corrosion resistance and only premium quality equipment. There is also a bund containing a minimum of 110% of the inner tank’s volume, which protects against overfilling and leakage.

AdBlue tanks from Tuffa exhibit the remarkable levels of quality, stability and longevity that are to be expected of a storage tank for such a specialised liquid. Our tanks are also manufactured to AUS32/DEF guidelines, which is just one more factor contributing to our present status as the UK’s leading AdBlue tank manufacturer.