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Bunded oil tanks are essentially a tank within a tank.  They are designed to help reduce the risk of environmental problems arising from overfilling the tank.  The oil is sent into the middle tank and the outer layer acts as a backup to collect any fuel that is lost.

Who Needs a Bunded Tank?

If you are replacing or installing a tank in an agricultural, commercial, institutional or industrial setting you will need to use a bunded tank. Domestic home owners will also need to use the bunded option if the capacity of the tank in use is 2.500 litres or more. If you are still unsure you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the location of the tank within 10 metres of water such as a stream, ditch or river?
  2. Is the tank going to be placed within 50 metres of a well or a spring?
  3. If the oil tank was to over fill would the spillage be likely to run into a water course via the ground?
  4. Will the vent point be visible from where you will fill the tank?
  5. Is the location of the tank in a Groundwater Special Protection Zone?
  6. Is the tank in an area of natural beauty?

Many of our customers contact us for advice on purchasing a bunded or single skin oil tank. If you are still not sure which one to choose give us a call on 01889 567700 and we will happily find the right tank for you.