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Farms and agricultural work is known to be the backbone of our country, and for many, many hundreds of years it was what set us apart from the rest of mainland Europe – it was what made Britain great. Whilst farming is not as popular in recent years, it still remains one of, if not the most important industry in our country. Varying in size and produce, it is important that farms have specialised equipment to deal with their needs – in particular, storage tanks.

Liquid storage is a concern for many businesses, industries and, indeed, everyday use at home, too. However, with so many variations, finishes and sizes available, it is easy to see why storage tanks are so popular with farmers and with the wider agriculture community.

Not only are storage tanks used for feed and bedding for livestock, other animals on dairy farms, pig farms and even for family horses, they also require water storage tanks such as water bowsers – to ensure they are watered as well as fed.

Farms that deal with crops not only need to ensure fields are watered and in good condition, but they also need to add fertiliser. As farms finish their harvest, they will utilise fertiliser to ensure that the soil is rich in nutrients for the upcoming sowing of seeds. Another spread of fertiliser is applied later on in the year – this is called top dressing. Top dressing is important through the colder months, allowing crops to take in nutrients and goodness from the soil that would not normally be the case.

There are many different types of fertiliser, and a farm may use several during the course of any given year. In the UK, there are currently approximately 300,000 working farms that are roughly 57 hectares in size, on average. Given the breadth of land covered, it’s easy to see why farmers will need vast quantities of fertiliser and, therefore, large storage tanks, too.

Additionally, certain crops require pesticides to protect them from insects– although, these are restricted to use and quantity – and need to be kept in a safe and secure environment. Tuffa is proud to provide bunded steel tanks that are perfect for storing these kinds of chemicals.

Finally, many farms are entirely self-sufficient due to their remote locations and busy schedules. To this end, you would not have to look too far on a farm to find a heating oil tank. Not only is this used to heat the house, but also for cooking and heating water. We are sure you will agree just how important it is to have such facilities after a hard days farming.

For more information on our full range of storage tanks, whatever your agricultural needs, contact Tuffa today to discuss the options available to you.