Sports Venue Irrigation System

Many of us take up activities outside after a busy week at work.  The buzz of the beautiful game or the smack of the cricket ball on willow.  Whatever sport you are interested in, many hours of work will have been put in getting your venue ready for play.  Liquid storage solutions can play a huge part in the day to day operations and preparation for sports clubs.

We have so many sporting choices to help keep us fit and healthy.  Whether it be running, walking or something like golf, motorbike racing, car racing or quad biking there are so many activities that we love to participate in.

If your hobby involves cars or motorbikes etc where does the fuel come from?  You will usually have to bring your own fuel in canisters for weekend racing.  It does not matter where motorsport takes you but you will always need a regular stock of fuel to keep you going.

You may well visit many sporting facilities and these may well need a stock of fuel to keep their maintenance and service vehicles running.  For example many football clubs, particularly in the Premier League have machines for maintaining the pitches throughout the year.

You will be picked up by event cars if you are a competitor at a professional golf event.   As an organiser you may well also do this for certain corporate guests. You will need fuel storage over the course of an event to supply your vehicles.  In addition large golf complexes have a massive amount of vehicles on course over a working week.  Generally they would need to store some fuel so machines can easily be filled up.

Football Pitch Irrigation

There can be new requirements for sports organisations such as football league club Forest Green Rovers – they use a rainwater harvesting tank – source: Independent newspaper.  The water they collect is used to water the pitch.  The rainwater flows into drains and they pump it back into the tank and use it again.  Using this approach to use rainwater has multiple benefits.  Not only the cost benefit but also the green footprint from reusing the water and helping with water restrictions.  To help prevent your pitch flooding rainwater harvesting allows the water to flow away, be stored and reused.  Rainwater harvesting can be great for both commercial and domestic purposes and your garden can benefit from this irrigation.

Tuffa and rainwater harvesting

Here at Tuffa we have a range of rainwater harvesting tanks that can be manufactured.  We can cover domestic and commercial requirements and we manufacture to your specifications from our plant here in Uttoxeter.

Optional extras for these tanks include a rainwater collector leaf separator, alternative pumping systems, various colours and larger capacities. We produce a slim line rainwater harvester, a vertical option and a horizontal harvester too.

General features include a 240v water butt pump, rainwater diverter, inspection lid and bottom outlet valve.

Many sports that we attend need liquid storage solutions to help maintain grounds and keep vehicles moving.  With more and more sports organisations looking for green efficiency, the opportunity to use rainwater for irrigation is becoming important.  No matter what sport you play or watch the preparation required for any venue takes time and effort.   Also there are storage solutions out there that can make this process easier for grounds staff.

For further information on our rainwater harvesting tanks or fuel storage solutions please can you call 01889 567700 or email [email protected].  Alternatively fill in this form and we will get back to you.