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With the early introduction of hose pipe bans the wet summer has been welcomed by many.  These restrictions and the rising costs of using water supplied from expensive water companies is one of the reasons why water tanks have increased in popularity. This summer has proved to be the ideal time to start harvesting water for free and very little cost thanks to the amount of rain the United Kingdom has been forced to endure. While the lack of sun is depressing for many it’s important to consider the bright side, and one of these is the amount of water that has been collected by many home and business owners over the last couple of months.

There are many benefits of harvesting water. You are able to use water for all sorts of jobs around the home or even your business such as washing vehicles and watering gardens. However, with the correct treatments and systems in place it’s even possible to use rainwater to flush toilets and wash clothes. All of these uses reduce the amount of water that is required to be used from the traditional water supply, dramatically reducing costs for the family and serving to benefit everyone by not draining the limited resources found in reservoirs.

For the best results and a higher quality of water it’s recommended that you use a pre-tank filter when installing your rainwater harvesting tank. This will help to remove many contaminants, reduce odours and reduces the risk of diseases passing through the water and having negative effects on your fish and plant life.  Tuffa don’t only supply oil tanks, there is a wide selection of ideal water tanks that are designed for the safe collection of rainwater. Visit the online store for more information and start saving money by using naturally sourced water sensibly and efficiently.