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With a Tuffa Tank you can help and protect the environment, and in doing so become sustainable yourself.

One of our main aims is to ensure that we as a company do as much as we possibly can to protect the local and global environments and ensure that any activity is carried out in a sustainable way.

This might include:

– Minimising energy use and its associated CO2 emissions

– Complying with all environmental legislation and regulations

– Minimising raw material consumption

– Minimising the generation of waste

– Maximising the recycling of materials and products

– Maximising the use of local products and local workforce

In addition, a variety of our products can assist you in making a further step towards sustainability.

AdBlue Storage Tanks

Our AdBlue Storage Tank Solutions are supplied to many transport and haulage companies who utilise the new Euro engines with catalytic converters. These engines need AdBlue (a urea based solution) to function. This helps reduce the carbon emissions that the vehicles give off and as a result help to protect the environment.

Why AdBlue storage tank ownership is more important than ever.

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Our range of Water Storage Tanks allow you to collect and re-use water captured utilising a method called rainwater harvesting. The plastic tank range is available in sizes from 1350 litres up to 200,000 litres, with bespoke steel tanks also being available to suit your specific requirements. This method of storing water means that we can utilise this free source of water, assisting the protection of this precious resource.

For more information on how we can help your company the please contact us by phone or email: 01889 567700 | [email protected] or send us an enquiry using our online form.