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With its string of accreditations and awards demonstrating the compliance of its tanks with relevant legislation and industry body guidelines, together with a responsive and approachable customer service befitting a family run business, Tuffa has the right credentials in the design and manufacture of tanks. But of course, it is the tanks themselves that best demonstrate this, and the situation is no different when a client specifically desires an oil storage tank.

Tuffa has spent years catering for the specialised requirements of a wide range of clients, including the oil companies and other organisations that require any of an assortment of oil tanks for the storage of fuels, diesels, waste oils, lubricants, biofuels, petrol and more. The range of plastic tanks, for example, includes tanks that have been designed for the most efficient pollution control. These bunded oil tank products are available in various specifications to match any of a wide range of individual requirements, including interlinking or fire proofing. These bunded tanks are a highly flexible option when it comes to the siting of them on a client’s property.

Also in stock are bunded diesel tanks, in capacities as small as 1350L and as large as 15,000 litres. All of them are fitted with submersible pumping units consisting of a pump, delivery hose, flowmeter and an automatic shut off nozzle, filtration and gauge. The bunded diesel tanks of larger capacities also incorporate bund and overfill devices and a lockable security cabinet for the storage of any relevant equipment. Also taking pride of place in the Tuffa plastic tank range are multi compartment tanks, fire protected tanks, waste oil tanks, single skin tanks and biodiesel tanks. Again, these are all designed with any applicable regulations and industry guidelines in mind.

Tuffa also have in-depth steel tank design and manufacturing expertise that it believes to be unmatched by any competitor. The company is able to manufacture any bunded tank in steel, even on a one-off or bespoke basis in line with customer requirements. Its offers steel tanks in various colours, thicknesses and capacities, with fire protection also being incorporated for both domestic and commercial applications. A high level of security is also a major priority, as is demonstrated by the inclusion in each tank of a lock facility. The full range includes oil tanks, diesel tanks, fire protected oil tanks, multi compartment tanks, petrol tanks and bespoke tanks.

Prices are available upon request, and the commercial and domestic oil tank experts at Tuffa are happy to listen to the most demanding and specialised of customer requests. Get in touch now to discover how Tuffa has built its enviable industry reputation across the full range of applicable sectors.