As we prepare to say goodbye to summer for another year (I can hear the cry of what summer!) your focus will be on preparing the garden for winter.  There are plenty of considerations at this time of year and you may be thinking of rainwater harvesting.


To prepare your garden – whether it be digging up annual plants or clearing weeds, fertilising the land you have or preparing your tools for next year there is plenty to do with regards to your garden at this time of year.

You will have noticed that the summer hasn’t been dry for long.  With this in mind it can be a positive, as you can harvest rainwater.  Having a suitably sized rainwater harvesting tank is the ideal solution to keep your garden thriving.

You will have experienced the sustained periods of wet weather.  Your own rainwater harvesting tank is ideal for you to store this water for large gardens.  This will be great for your autumn gardening and in preparation for future dry spells. It is ideal for when you have planted all those new flowers and shrubs!


Now is the time for harvesting crops and you may well have a requirement for a sustained use of farm machinery.  Farming through the night and utilising a high amount of fuel could well be a regular occurrence.  You will need a regular stock of diesel to keep the machines running at all hours.

Keeping your vehicles regularly maintained and serviced should help keep them running in the periods where intense use is required.

Having a large container for your diesel storage is an important requirement and means you will have a regular stock of this fuel.

Arable farming starts in September

If you are an arable farmer, the calendar year, you could well say, starts in September.  This is because the fields are prepared for the following years’ harvest at this time.  Also farms are at maximum capacity with their workload during this period.

We appreciate a huge effort is required by you at this time of year and for the farming community.  The importance of harvesting the crops is crucial to you maximising the returns on the investment. Also it is a culmination of your hard work put in over the previous 12 months.

You will probably be working to strict deadlines and battling the unpredictable UK weather.  This can mean long hours and a battle to finish the harvest within the timeframe. But to get this work done within the allocated time and working with the weather conditions is a massive achievement.  It also allows you the maximum return on a crop cycle.

Storing your diesel with the increasing fuel prices over the years further enhances the return on your crop cycle.  By storing fuel in a large tank it negates the unpredictable nature of fuel prices and can greatly benefit you when prices keep increasing.  Also not having to fill up with fuel offsite and waste valuable time away from the farm can be a real benefit.

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