Oil Storage Regulations Wales (2016) state that anyone in Wales storing more than 200 litres of oil are required to provide secure secondary containment for their above ground storage containers. This includes oil tanks, drums, IBCs and mobile bowsers. Bunded oil tanks are integrally fitted with a secondary containment and have the ability to hold at least 110% of the capacity of the inner tank – as required by Oil Storage Regulations Wales (2016). This means that if the inner oil tank has a capacity to hold 1,000 litres, then the bund must hold at least 1,100 litres.

Despite the recent hype, the regulations have actually been in place for a few years now and are part 3 stages aimed at decreasing the risk of oil contamination to the environment. The three stages are:

  1. Any oil tank installed after 15 March 2016 with a capacity over 200 litres* must have secondary containment.
  2. Existing oil tanks with a capacity over 200 litres that are at significant risk of contaminating water sources (e.g. within 10 meters of surface water including wetlands, or within 50 meters of a borehole or well) must have secondary containment by 15 March 2018.
  3. All oil tanks in Wales with a capacity of more than 200 litres must have secondary containment by 15 March 2020.

*It’s important to note that this is not the amount of oil being stored but the capacity of the tank itself.

Exemptions to the Regulations

  • Oil containers installed before 15 March 2016 at domestic properties are exempt. This includes farmhouses unless they fall into the category of business use, e.g. converted into holiday lettings. All installations after 15 March 2016 with a capacity over 200 litres must be bunded.
  • Oil held for distribution or processing is exempt in most cases.
  • Generally, all oil stored in machinery or used to supply generators in full time or standby use are exempt.

Now the final deadline is looming we’ve been having an increasing number of oil tank owners in Wales calling our office to find of whether their tanks are compliant. With a risk of fines for non-compliancy costing up to £5,000, it’s easy to see why tank owners are concerned.

Oil Storage Regulations Wales

Oil Storage Regulations Wales – Leading the Charge

Wales is the first country in the UK to require secondary containment for oil storage tanks with a capacity from 201 litres. The rest of the UK lags behind and currently only require a bund for tanks with a capacity of over 3500 litres, or for smaller tanks where oil spills risk entering water sources. For more details about oil storage in the rest of the UK see the links below:

UK Oil Storage Regulations:

How can Tuffa Tanks help?

We’ve been designing and manufacturing bunded oil tanks for over 30 years. Our specialist manufacturing team are able to fabricate a vast range of tanks including plastic and steel, and in capacities from 900 to 90,000 litres. If you store any of the following oils then we have a compliant tank for your requirements and country’s regulations:

Our highly knowledgeable sales support team can tell you whether you need to upgrade your tank and can help arrange the construction, delivery and installation of a new high-quality tank. For any advice and for oil tank quotes please contact our sales team on 01889 567700 or complete the online enquiry form below. You can also check out our Expert Guide to Heating Oil Tanks for more storage regs, tips on getting cheaper oil and more.

For more information about oil storage regulations in Wales see Natural Resource Wales.