We have just launched our entirely new range of steel fuel tanks designed to meet the challenges of 2022 and beyond. We now offer HVO compatible fuel tanks in a greater diversity of sizes with 12 standard capacities from 5,000L to 100,000L. With the withdrawal of rebated red diesel from some industries and increasing fuel prices we know it’s critical for fleet operators to invest in security, monitoring fuel usage and improving fuel efficiency. As companies prepare for these changes it’s no coincidence that we manufactured more tanks with fuel management systems in the last two months of 2021 than the rest of the entire year combined. We now fit a Puisi K44 Pulse Meter as standard to our steel tanks to enable synchronization with new or existing fuel management systems. The new tank range also comes with the option of Horn fuel management – a cloud-based system that provides actionable data to improve fuel efficiency and security features such as protection against unauthorized usage via a key fob or code.


More tank with less from the bank

It’s not just fuel prices our new tank range help to tackle but also the increase in the cost of raw steel that Europe has experienced over the past two years. Our Product Development team have been working with singular focus to streamline our fuel tank range, reduce waste and cut manufacturing costs to a minimum. We are now able to offer plastic and steel tanks with very competitive pricing to make secure steel tanks accessible for businesses of all sizes. Those with stricter budgets can consider our plastic fuel tank range which reaches the highest capacity on the market at 15,000 litres.

Future compatible fuel tanks

In over 30 years of manufacturing storage solutions, the uptake of biofuels to meet UK emissions targets is one of the biggest industry changes we will encounter. After a sharp rise in the number of our HVO tanks in the field, it’s not just the environmental benefits and corporate social responsibility cited as the reason for switching fuels, but also the beneficial properties particular to the second-generation biofuel. With a storage life of up to 10 years, HVO is perfect for long term fuel storage making it ideal for uses such as emergency power supply. This long storage life can be achieved as HVO resists oxidization and water absorption which are common causes of diesel bug in regular diesel and first-generation biofuels. The clean-burning properties of HVO also significantly reduces particulate production, helping to improve engine cleanliness, prolong emission control systems’ lifetime, and decrease the ageing of lubricants.

We can confirm that our new steel tank range and existing plastic tanks are fully compatible with biofuels such as HVO. Our new steel tank range benefits from a high-specification as standard with a high-security cabinet with roller shutter door housing ancillary equipment including C2020 contents gauge with bund alarm, 10 micron water and particulate filter and K44 pulse meter. Optional extras include a fuel management system, higher flow rate and 10m hose reel. Alternatively, we can manufacture a storage only tank suitable for sites with existing dispensing equipment or power generation. This range has a 30 year minimum design life and a 10 year guarantee.

Talk to the Tuffa team

Investing in bulk fuel storage, monitoring fuel usage and switching to biofuels are key ways fleet operators can prepare for current and future challenges. For advice, enquiries, trade discounts and more contact our Sales team on [email protected], by dialling 01889 567700 or use the contact form below.