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A hard-earned reputation for the most innovative manufacture of water, oil and chemical tanks has also placed Tuffa in the best position to design and make parts and spares for such tanks. Whether the client is a shop, factory, university, garage, oil company or an entirely different individual or organisation, Tuffa stocks an extensive selection of nozzles, pumps, flowmeters, hoses and reels, tank accessories and more, so that their most diverse and exacting of requirements can be met.

Given the sheer breadth of the range, it’s unlikely that customers will fail to immediately spot what they are looking for on the Tuffa website, with the available fuel delivery pumps, for instance, being of the highest quality and suitable for various fuels and oils. They include submersible pumps and 12V pumps, as well as a hand pump kit, consisting of an aluminium piston hand pump with hose and nozzle. On the subject of nozzles, the store also encompasses manual and automatic refuelling and filling nozzles and oil dispensing guns. Among them is an automatic shut-off nozzle suitable for an AdBlue tank.

Also sold is an extensive selection of mechanical, pulsed and digital fuel meters and oil flow meters, suitable for most of the fuel tanks that one could possibly use – not to mention various oil and grease metering applications. Whether the desired application is low cost, low flow, high accuracy, high pressure or something quite different, the current Tuffa meter models range should cover it. Another purchase that one may need to make is a fuel level sensor to conveniently monitor the oil level in the tank, so that it does not run out – and again, all of the most popular gauges are stocked.

Elsewhere in the current Tuffa tank parts and spares range can be found a fuel management system suitable for use with petrol, diesels, oils, kerosene or urea. Given the considerable overhead that fuel and its usage represents for any commercial transport organisation, profitability depends greatly on this valuable asset being correctly managed – so such a system could just be the perfect investment. It is also possible to buy a filter for an oil tank to maintain its efficiency and avoid ingress damage occurring to vital components, while those clients using oil, diesel, chemicals or AdBlue may also be interested in the current Tuffa selection of hoses and reels.

That simply leaves standard fill point cabinets, which are lockable, constructed from mild steel and house all appropriate equipment, in addition to various other assorted tank accessories encompassing the likes of tank packs, overfill prevention valves and inspection lids. It all means that whether the client uses a domestic oil tank, water storage tank or any of a broad range of other tanks, they are sure to find accessories to cater to their most demanding requirements at Tuffa.