The Sentinel Business Awards

The Sentinel Business Awards


We are hoping for more success for award-winning Tuffa UK at the prestigious Sentinel Business Awards at the King’s Hall in Stoke later this month.

We submitted our application in the Business Innovation category, sponsored by Staffordshire Business Innovation Centre, and are delighted to have won through to the final three companies who entered this caregory.

The Sentinel’s Application Guidelines outlined the criteria the judges were looking for in the Business Innovation Award category:

“Entrants will be companies for which a new idea – or a novel use of an existing one – is making a big contribution to their business. That contribution could be by way of a new product, service or process, and the judges will be keen to hear about the intellectual processes which gave rise to its design and development. They will also want to know how innovation is handled within the culture of the company.”

Tuffa UK’s application focussed on the development of a new range of bulk storage and dispensing tanks for the diesel additive, AdBlue®. Our team designed and developed an AdBlue® Tank housed in a plastic welded bund with garage fuel pump type dispensing for nationwide forecourts and transport businesses. We also produce a plastic range of Tuffa AdBlue® Tanks with capacities from 1350 – 15,000 litres. The tanks are lightweight, easy to transport and install but provide users with a tough, long lasting storage and dispensing solution. Tuffa AdBlue® Tanks can be supplied as Holding Tanks, Dispensing Tanks or Dual-Compartment Tanks enabling the AdBlue® and diesel to be stored in the same bunded tank.

In addition, we have developed a unique, patented Tuffa Fire-Protected Tank. This features a fire-proofed material that is factory-fitted to a heating oil or diesel tank. There is a choice of 30 or 60 minutes fire-protection, and tanks can be produced in both plastic and steel. Tuffa Fire-Protected Tanks comply with all legal regulations and are delivered with full Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Certification. This means that they can be located adjacent to buildings or within an out-building or garage. Installation costs are reduced and fitting is quicker as no additional building work, brickwork or firewalls are required.

Glittering Awards Ceremony

Martin Tideswell, Editor-in-Chief at The Sentinel.
The Sentinel’s Editor-in-Chief, Martin Tideswell at last year’s award ceremony. Picture courtesy of The Sentinel.


The Sentinel’s Business Awards will be held at the King’s Hall in Stoke-on-Trent at a glittering Gala Dinner on 21st March 2018. During his speech at last year’s awards, The Sentinel’s Editor-in-Chief, Martin Tideswell said: “Since 1995, The Sentinel Business Awards has highlighted the companies and individuals, the wealth-creators, the innovators and the hard workers who make the local economy tick.

“Each year the awards evolves and the standard of the entries creeps up. We are delighted to have the support of so many important local brands and organisations and I would urge everyone to get involved. We’re going to tell some great stories and celebrate all that is good about business across our patch.”

Last year, Tuffa UK celebrated 25 years at our Dovefields Industrial Estate premises in Uttoxeter. We are a second generation family business committed to innovation and product development. As well as plastic and steel tanks, we offer bespoke tank design and production together with a new Custom Moulding service. This will offer customers the opportunity to manufacture designs as one seamless plastic product.

General Manager, James Shenton, was understandably delighted to be short listed for the Sentinel’s Business Innovation Award. “We are always listening to customers and constantly developing and investing in new technology. We’re committed to designing and producing the most innovative liquid storage and management systems available,” he said.