We’re proud to announce that we have just launched our newly designed range of plastic and steel tanks for AdBlue and Diesel, as well as new equipment and upgrades for rainwater harvesting tanks. After taking years of product testing and customer feedback into consideration we’ve redesigned and modernized our core range of tanks. The improvements range from technical upgrades such as higher quality filters, to aesthetic revamps like priming and painting our steel tanks in a fashionable grey, which is strikingly contrasted against a red or blue door in our plastic range.

As well as improving the products, we’ve made the manufacturing process more efficient and streamlined which has enabled us to reduce our steel waste. Not only that, but we’ve been able to transfer some of the benefits of these changes to you, the customer. We’re very excited about the design and manufacturing improvements and we look forward to your feedback.

tuffa's new tank range

Why have we redesigned our tanks?

The tank redesign was an executive decision to meet high manufacturing demands while continuing to increase the quality of our tanks and the efficiency of production. By streamlining the manufacturing of our core range of products we have been able to focus our efforts on the design and quality of our tanks making them better than ever. We have also taken this opportunity to incorporate years of our product testing and your customer feedback and this information has led to a number of small but significant changes such as increasing the length of the tank’s delivery hose to make operating the tank more convenient.

How does this benefit you?

Upgraded tank specs

Depending on the tank you choose you can benefit from:

  • A new 10 micron water particulate filter with the extra function of filtering water
  • Delivery hose length at 6 meters instead of 4 meters on all diesel tanks
  • Increased accessibility to water tanks with larger lid sizes
  • Larger size tank outlet as standard on water tanks
  • New rainwater harvesting kits which improve the filtration, quality of the water and dispensing
One of our new rainwater filters for roof sizes from 80-200m2

Aesthetic design improvements

Our core range of steel and plastic tanks now come in a fashionable grey, with a contrasting bright red on plastic diesel tanks and bright blue on plastic AdBlue tanks.

Decrease in lead times

One of the reasons behind the design and production changes of our core tank range was due to an increasingly high demand for Tuffa tanks which was at risk of delaying our lead and delivery times. By streamlining production we are now able to manufacture and deliver our tanks at a faster rate which means you might receive your storage solution quicker than you think.

Improved quality

By manufacturing a streamlined range of tanks our production team have been able to perfect the product range. Our quality control has also peaked as the production team learn every minor detail about our core tank range which will no doubt help us to retain our ISO 9001 accreditation.

A word from the General Manager

We asked Tuffa UK General Manager James Shenton “How have the products changed and how will it help your customers?” Here’s James’ reply :

“We’ve had a colour change in 2019 streamlining some of our colours with greens and greys and for our tanks and reds and blues on dispenser doors. I’ve seen the new tanks go out on the trucks over the last couple of week and they are looking pretty nice. We’re also streamlining our steel tank range to make it easier for the customers to choose a tank that’s right for them and because it’s a standardised product so our production costs will go down and we’ll pass that saving onto our customers.”

Have the prices increased?

As you may well know the price of steel and other materials have increased dramatically in recent years. This, added to the aftermath of Britain preparing to leave the EU, has meant that many manufacturing companies have had to raise their prices to offset extra costs incurred to them. Fortunately, by streamlining our production and due to the very hard work of our procurement specialist we’ve been able to sell our goods at no extra cost despite the product upgrades.



Will bespoke tanks still be available?

Tuffa Tanks started life fabricating steel tanks to custom designs and specifications and members of our production team have years of specialism in this area. We have no intention of wasting 

Pictured right – a bespoke 2900 litre heating oil tank with a hand pump to dispense oil for forklift trucks.the talent of our team and we will not stop manufacturing high-quality bespoke steel tanks.

Are the old colours still an option?

We stand by our decision to manufacture our core range of tanks in a modernized grey for diesel and AdBlue tanks, and Green for oil tanks. The feedback we’ve received show that the colour change is well received. We are sure that if you are not already impressed with the images of the new colours, you will be when your tank physically arrives on site.


What have our customers said so far?

After a month of manufacturing and supplying our newly designed tanks we’ve had a great reaction from tank users and stakeholders across various industries from agriculture to logistics.

Check out some of our top comments:

[The new colours] certainly hit the current fad for grey and contrasting colours so modernises the look.  The upgrades to the filters and delivery hose will also be a good sell point. Well done to whoever made those decisions.”

Tim Brown, Action Farm

“Our team have had a great reception from customers since we’ve started delivering the new Tuffa tank range. The new design looks great on the trucks – they really brighten up the load!”

Logistics Manager, Diamond Freight

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