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We’ve prepared a brief guide to help farmers meet Red Tractor compliance for liquid storage. The Red Tractor scheme provides reassurance for consumers and has become the benchmark for best practice in the farming industry.

Red Tractor compliance for liquid storageRed Tractor has compiled integrated standards to which members MUST conform.

This is a brief summary of Red Tractor Environmental and Contamination Control guidelines for liquid storage.

Red Tractor compliance for liquid storage:

  • The Farm must be maintained in a manner that does not permit any risk to food safety or environmental protection
  • Potential pollutants are stored in a manner that minimises the risk of contamination or pollution
  • All wastes must be disposed of in a manner that minimises the risk of contamination or pollutants
  • All diesel tanks should be bunded to comply with legislation

Helping to ensure Red Tractor compliance for liquid storage

Tuffa UK supply a range of tank types to the Agricultural industry, including the ones listed below.

Oil Tanks – bunded to meet Red Tractor standards to comply with legal requirements for Secondary Containment to prevent spillage. A bunded tank is a tank within a tank – so the inner tank stores the oil while the outer tank is 110% of the capacity of the inner. The outer tank captures and retains any spill or leak avoiding groundwater pollution.

Diesel Tanks – also bunded and are available as dual compartment tanks to house red and white diesel. Tanks can be designed as vertical, horizontal or slimline to help to fit into a smaller available space.

Tank Monitoring – Tuffa UK offers a total solution for storage, fuel management and tank monitoring.  We can provide advice, support together with a range of applications and accessories to help you manage and measure your stock levels and fuel use.

Fire Protection – available on oil and diesel tanks. Tuffa UK has developed a unique, patented Fire Protection material that offers 30 or 60 minutes protection. Tuffa’s Fire Protected Oil Tanks system has Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Assured Status. This increases safety for users and property and enables you to locate your tank nearer to property or in an out-building.

Chemical Tanks – are also bunded for a fully compliant, safe and secure storage solution. With capacity from 1350 to 15,000 litres, they are suitable for bulk chemicals, pesticides and fungicides.

Waste Water Tanks – comply with Red Tractor standards and are available in plastic in a range of shapes to meet your siting requirements.

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are also available. This is becoming an increasingly popular way for the farming industry to collect rainwater for irrigation, saving money on mains water usage.

Plastic and steel tanks in a range of capacities

Tanks are available in a plastic or steel, or in plastic housed in a steel outer. Plastic tanks range from 1350 to 20,000 litres. You can increase capacity by interlinking tanks. Steel tanks can be produced in any capacity up to 200,000 litres, and all Tuffa Tanks can be designed and produced as bespoke products to your exact specification. In addition, we also offer a full delivery and installation service where required.

Finally, there is a complete range of spares and accessories and a choice of servicing packages.

We can provide farmers and the agricultural sector with competitive, safe and secure liquid storage, and help you to meet Red Tractor compliance.

Please call our sales support team on 01889 567700 or contact us to find out more.