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20 July 2024

Comfort Restored: Tuffa Saves 18th-Century Home

Extinguishing Kirsty’s Concerns with a Tuffa Fire-Protected Tank

In their charming 18th-century Northamptonshire cottage, Kirsty and her husband embarked on a journey to modernize the heating system. Facing the challenges of an outdated boiler and single-glazed windows, they soon realised the final piece to their restoration puzzle was replacing the aging oil tank.

Kirsty’s Initial Worries

Unfamiliar with heating oil, Kirsty initially considered connecting to the national gas network. However, after exploring the complex and costly process involving roadwork and no government subsidies, she sought an alternative. The old tank, situated dangerously close to a neighboring doctor’s surgery, was not compliant with building regulations, prompting the need for a replacement.

Tuffa Triumphs Over Challenges

Enter Tuffa’s fire-protected heating oil tank, recommended by a knowledgeable installer. Designed with a patented fire-rated material, these tanks can be placed adjacent to structures, offering a solution without compromising the aesthetics of Kirsty’s cottage garden. Impressed by Tuffa’s thorough and friendly approach, Kirsty chose their 1150 litre fire protected heating oil tank over a competitor’s unhelpful quote.


“Everyone I spoke to at Tuffa was really thorough, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The sales team did a great job of alleviating our concerns and broke everything down to layman terms to explain how everything works.” – Kirsty


Remarkable Results and Wise Tips

The replacement brought relief, with the new compliant tank equipped with a Watchman Sonic, eliminating the need for manual level checks. Kirsty, now part of a heating oil club, discovered cost-efficient bulk purchasing. The tank, seamlessly delivered by Diamond Freight, is ready to face the winter.

Connect with Tuffa

For quotes or more information on Tuffa’s innovative fire-protected tank solutions, contact the Sales Support team at 01889 567700 or [email protected]. Explore our Expert Guide to Fire Rated Oil Tanks.

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