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19 May 2024

Customer Spotlight: Mr. Steele’s Tuffa Tank Experience

Fireproof oil tanks are at the heart of Tuffa’s oil storage solutions, with the innovative products introduced to the oil tank market in 2005. Recently, domestic homeowner Mr. Steele shared his experience with Tuffa and how his 1350 litre fireproof oil tank exceeded all expectations:

“I am very happy with the service of my order and the quality of the Tuffa Tank that is now in place at my house. The order process was easy, with a great deal of advice from Marc Wilson. The Building Regulations through the Stroma process was straightforward. The accessories for the tank were included, with remote fill-level and in-situ fuel level indicator. The tank was good value for the cost and as it is a fire rated, bunded tank, I have it right next to the house. Highly recommended and a great business to deal with.” – Mr. Steele, homeowner. 


Mr. Steele, a domestic homeowner from Warwickshire, was undertaking a complete renovation and expansion of his property, transforming a set of 1830’s farm cottages into a single, larger home. Situated over a mile away from the nearest neighbour the property is truly remote, so it was no surprise that gas wasn’t a viable option for the property and a heating oil tank was being sought.

A new tank was required as a greater capacity was needed for the larger property and, in addition, Mr. Steele also wanted the new tank located nearer to the property which meant that an oil tank fire barrier would be required. It was at this point he became aware of the Tuffa fire-rated oil tank range. Since the new tank was needed in close proximity to the house, Mr. Steele’s plumbing team had recommended Tuffa as the ‘premium’ product and the perfect fit.


Stroma Building Control Approval

Mr. Steele was impressed with the ease of the Building Regulations sign-off process. Using Stroma Building Control, obtaining approval for the tank installation was a breeze. Previously known as JHAI, Stroma are a Building Control Approver Tuffa has partnered with to provide an easy process to fire protected oil tank sign-offs. Read more in our buyers guide to fire rated oil tanks here.

Overall, Mr. Steele highly recommends Tuffa Tanks to anyone in need of high-quality oil storage solutions. From the ease of ordering to the convenience of installation and the peace of mind provided by regulatory compliance, Tuffa exceeded his expectations at every step of the process. When asked what he would recommend to other homeowners in need of an oil storage tank solution:


Mr. Steele’s recommendations would always be to “limit the distance between the tank and the boiler. This takes the ‘path’ of the oil line out of the way and makes it ‘known’ rather than digging it up later or it getting damaged. Nothing is worse than an oil leak in the line between the tank and the boiler. By limiting this, there are more options at the boiler end to get over the levels of the tank to the boiler and as I have, put the oil tank on a platform on the ground rather than having to raise it up to be level with the boiler. Having a fire-proofed bunded tank is the best way of achieving this proximity issue. I would always recommend never to buy the cheapest, as this will always cause problems in future.”


Find more details on the range of FirePro oil tanks in our guide to fire rated oil tanks, or for your oil tank quotation send an online enquiry here.

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