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20 July 2024

Reliability Unleashed: Tuffa’s Diesel Tank Solutions for Mueller Europe

Mueller Europe, a subsidiary of the century-old manufacturing giant Mueller Industries, has been a stalwart in the distribution of high-quality copper tubes globally. Renowned for its Wednesbury Tube and Yorkshire Copper tube brands, Mueller Europe plays a vital role in serving customers in the plumbing and heating industry. At the heart of their operations in the West Midlands, Barry Hipkiss, the Cast Supervisor, oversees a fleet of thirteen vehicles, including excavator grab handlers and forklift trucks, ensuring they stay fuelled and ready for action.

The longstanding partnership between Mueller Europe and Tuffa spans an impressive two decades, a testament to the reliability and efficiency offered by Tuffa’s diesel storage solutions. It all began with the purchase of their first 10,000-litre plastic bunded diesel tank, which dutifully served the Mueller team until unforeseen circumstances led to the need for a replacement.

Barry Hipkiss found himself in the market for a new diesel tank just as legislative changes were ushering in a shift. The withdrawal of access to rebated diesel, as highlighted in Tuffa’s recent Red Diesel Duty Changes article, meant an opportunity for Mueller Europe to embrace a new tank without the dye found in red diesel or the diesel bug concerns associated with biodiesel content.

Opting for familiarity and reliability, Barry turned to Tuffa once again and chose the 10,000-litre plastic bunded diesel tank. This high-specification tank comes standard with features like a reliable European pump, a 6m delivery hose, a 10-micron water and particulate filter, and an FMS contents gauge and bund alarm. While Tuffa offers a range of options, including higher capacity tanks, fuel management systems, and various pump configurations, Barry’s decision to stick with the 10,000-litre tank mirrored the perfect capacity for Mueller’s monthly usage of 5000L.

The replacement tank was swiftly delivered and seamlessly installed in the same location as its predecessor. Catching up with Barry, he praised Tuffa’s product excellence and the consistently great service they’ve experienced over the years. The enduring partnership between Mueller Europe and Tuffa goes beyond just reliable diesel storage; it reflects a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


“The product is brilliant and the service has always been great. We’ve had the old Tuffa tank since around the year 2000 and it’s proven its reliability over that time and would have kept going if it was for the knock to the bund. Whenever we’ve had to replace a hose, bracket or anything else Tuffa have always been quick and happy to help.”


With a design life of 20 years or more and backed by a 10-year warranty, Tuffa is confident that the new 10,000-litre tank will continue to uphold the same level of reliability that Mueller’s previous tank demonstrated. In an industry increasingly focused on greener fuels, Mueller Europe can also rest assured that Tuffa’s tanks are fully compatible with HVO and HVO blends, aligning with the evolving environmental considerations in the manufacturing sector. As Mueller Europe looks to the future, Tuffa stands as a trusted partner, providing diesel storage solutions that not only meet the needs of today but also anticipate the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

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